Airbrush Machine

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Vendor: Krystle Skin

: Airbrush Machine, Airbrush Makeup

Gorgeous Gold Airbrush Makeup Machine, for the Misted Veil Mystic Airbrush Collection. Have flawless looking skin! No Camera Filter Needed!

This air pump is strong and powerful, dual-action trigger air-paint control, easy to handle. Easy to open magazine latch for fast loading by one hand.
Trigger locks safety system, which allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released.
0.25mm embedded needle nozzle, broad spray, action trigger for easy and accurate spray. Action gravity feed airbrush for detailed makeup.
One mini size spanner, easy for installing, compact and easy to storage.
Equipped with one dropper, 2cc paint cup, easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.
Professional action gravity feed airbrush kit for hobby paint craft.

Name: Airbrush Set
Nozzle diameter: 0.25mm
Capacity: 2cc
Spray distance: 50-100mm / 1.97-3.94in
Pen size: 135 * 35 * 90mm / 5.31 * 1.38 * 3.54in
Item weight: 731g / 25.79ounce / 1.61lb
Package size: 230 * 210 * 120mm / 9.06 * 8.27 * 4.72in
Package weight: 1157g / 40.81ounce / 2.55lb

Package list:
1 * 0.25mm Airbrush (with 2cc Fluid Cup)
1 * Water-oil Separator
1 * White Tube
1 * Air Pump
1 * Pen Rack
1 * Dropper
1 * Spanner
1 * DC Charger
1 * Instruction Manual

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